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The show is raised in the fire of live performances. It is composed of productions and remixes, it already sounds like promising echoes. Soaked in high emotions, its atmosphere varies from dark tons to a dynamic and powerful tech house.

Clain plays and mixes various universes. It is about an efficient and energetic music created to burn sneakers and make people dance until dawn.

A sound looking like nights full of surprises.

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Born in the middle of the 80's, Clement grew up in Paris. A musician since his childhood, he also studied sound processing as an engineer. The trip, wether musical or cultural has always been something that matters for him and Clain reveals a different incarnation of Clement.

Drawing his inspiration from artists as diverse as Vitalic, The Rolling Stones, Paul Kalkbrenner, AC/DC, The Prodigy, Clain's spirit of adventure translates a life lived a hundred miles per hour.

As a 2.0 dandy, his live shows are the outcomes and witnesses of a thirst for the new and unexpected. Every day Clain manifests his creativity in his studio composed of analog and digital synthesizers, groove machines and sequencers.

Expression of his passion and enthusiasm for live performances, he aspires to always extend his project on stage.

Thanks to the success of the 'Live Teaser @ Antifaktory' , he performed his live at the Yin Yang Festival on the China Great Wall. He will continue with this positive dynamic.

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