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Ti Punch comes from the association of tropical and sunny sound with electronic music. Composed with samples from bright tons to a dynamic and joyful tech house.

It is about an efficient and sunny music created to get you smile and dance during all night.

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Ti Punch is a Parisian globetrotter and a music producer who like to travel around the world. Travelling is a way to find his inspiration and helps him to open his mind.

This name is born from a studio session with friends listening the firsts productions. It was obvious to call it this way, it represents a typical Caribbean French cocktails as the music of Ti Punch is.

Dancing and partying has always been an important thing in his life. Producing in his studio the aim is to always think about the crowd enjoying the party. This is how this House is produced, mixed with different music cultures such as, south American, Caribbean and African.

His influences come from various artists as Joris Voorn, Carl Cox, Bob Marley, Mattafix, etc...

The first release is a Remix on Ape Raw Records out the 30th of July 2018.

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